Top Hair Colours for Summer

Top Hair Colours for Summer

Hair Colour Trends for Summer 2017 at James Dun’s House Hair Salons in Aberdeen & Glasgow

Get bold this summer with a stunning new hair colour! This time of the year is perfect to get a top trending hair colour. Choose from red hair colours, peachy pastel hair shades to platinum blonde hair colours.

The expert hair colour technicians at James Dun’s House Hair Salons in Aberdeen & Glasgow can create bold and beautiful new hair colours using quality Aveda products. If you are new to hair colour gives us a try and get 20% off your first hair colour service. Find out more here.

Red Hair Colours at Top Hair Salons in Aberdeen & Glasgow

Go full on this summer and opt for a red hair colour ! 

If you want a natural looking hair colour with high levels of shine, then the Ronze hair colour is one to consider.  It is a mix of red and bronze hair, blended to look natural and shiny and is one of the newest hair colours for spring and summer 2017.

 Other top red hair colour trends include the copper, plum and burgundy shades. You can also go for the trending red ombre with a dark shadow root or a complete burgundy hair shade.   



Pastel Hair Colours at James Dun’s House Hairdressing Salons in Aberdeen & Glasgow

Pastel hair colours are a popular hair colour trend for summer 2017. Our expert hair colour stylists at James Dun’s House hair salons, enjoy creating various pastel and peachy hair colours.

During summer, brighter and lighter hair colours look stunning and pastel colours make the perfect choice as they are suitable for every skin tones.

Whatever hair colour you are after, be it the pastel pink hair or the peach hair, our hair colour stylists can create a personalised hair colour for you.



Blonde & Brunette Hair Colours at Hair & Beauty Salons in Aberdeen & Glasgow

The thought of colouring your hair can be daunting, but there is nothing to fear as our hair colour experts at James Dun’s House can give you expert hair colour advice.

If you are after a natural and subtle hair colour look that is also low maintenance, the bronde hair colour has all these requirements.

It is a combination of blonde and brunette that gives a natural hair colour look, that suits all skin tones.



Balayage at James Dun’s House Hair Salons in Aberdeen & Glasgow

Balayage hair colour is a great choice for a natural looking, sun-kissed hair colour, that is ideal for spring and summer.  Copper or blonde balayage are great choices for summer when lighter, brighter hair colours tend to become more popular.