Prom Hair Ideas

Prom Hair Ideas

The Best Prom Hairstyles at James Dun’s House Salons and Spas in Glasgow and Aberdeen

When it comes to preparing for prom night, we know how exhausting it can be trying to match your hairstyle with your chosen dress.

At James Dun’s House hair salons in Aberdeen & Glasgow, we take the stress out of the decision process and will create a prom hairstyle that will leave you feeling beautiful and confident on prom night.

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Curly Prom Hairstyles

Styling your hair with curls and waves is a great choice for prom and we can create the perfect curly prom hairstyle such as ringlets or 1940s retro curls. After dancing for a while, your curls are likely to drop, so ensure you have your curl on a day old hair. Your hair should be parted into sections before curling, before smearing some setting lotion to each of the section.

Pin each section in place using bobby pins or hair clips,  then curl with a wand or tong. Do not release it until you are sure it’s ok. Apply hairspray to finish the process and avoid fiddling with your hair to make it stay longer.

Braided Prom Hairstyles at Top Hair Salons in Aberdeen & Glasgow

Braids and sultry, sweet and most likely to give you a very elegant appearance in boho way. Braids often lose their beauty when not done properly, especially if slipping occurs. This is common amongst women with fine and thin hair texture. The following tips could be helpful:

  • Add the necessary hair products (dry shampoo or styling powder) to damp the hair
  • Spray your hair and leave it to dry to assume its shape.
  • The tighter plaits have a longer span than loose ones, so you should braid as tight as you can.
  • Use bobby pins to keep the first part of the plaits together. You can cover the pins with some hair accessories if they become pretty obvious.



The Best Prom Updos

Prom upstyles and updos are one of the most common prom hairstyles. They are plentiful and range from chignons to ballerina buns to casual and simple updos. 

To keep your upstyle in place, place down the style with bobby pins in a criss-cross manner. This will help to keep your upstyle in a perfect shape. The pins may become visible in some parts, so cover them with beautiful hair accessories. Place loose hair strands in place by spritzing some hairspray on your hairbrush before brushing.