Facts About Grey Hair

Facts About Grey Hair

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Whilst on the topic of grey hair, here are some interesting facts to help you discover more about the causes of grey hair.

Smokers are more likely to have grey hair earlier

Do you smoke? If yes, then according to a study published by the Indian Dermatology Online Journal in 2013, you are 2 and a half times more susceptible to premature grey hair than non-smokers. Worthy of a mention is the fact that the chemicals from smoke can kill your hair cells resulting in hair loss.

Grey hair may indicate you have a vitamin deficiency

Past studies revealed that people who grew grey hair prematurely have low levels of vitamin D3, serum ferritin and serum calcium. The deficit in vitamin B12 levels is also a known cause for loss of hair colours.

Grey hair and heart disease

A study by the European Society of Cardiology gave more insights on the connection between grey hair and susceptibility to heart disease. The study included 545 participants, all male with collected data regarding their family medical history, diabetes, smoking habits and hypertension.

The men were grouped based on the amount of grey hair they had and whether or not they had coronary artery disease. The amount of grey hair was scored on a scale of 1-5.

The study revealed that the participants with hair scored 3,4 or 5 and were more susceptible to coronary artery disease. Those who had the coronary artery disease had “a statistically significant higher hair whitening score and higher coronary artery calcification” than those who did not have it.

Grey hair is in your genes

Premature appearance of grey hair sometimes has nothing to do with the above facts, it may simply be down to the fact that it is in your genes. So if your parents had it early then it is highly likely you will too.