spa therapistSpa Therapist’s are called “therapists” for a good reason, as they promote a sense of well being & provide therapeutic benefits to our guests.

People visit a Spa to escape the stresses of their everyday life, to be pampered and make them look and feel good. It is our Spa Therapists responsibility to ensure they do everything they can to help make the environment as relaxing and serene as possible.

A spa therapist specialises in beauty treatments for the face and body, including facials, body treatments, hair removal, nail treatments, eyebrow and eyelash services as well as make-up and tanning.

A Spa Therapist’s responsibilities include:

  • Holding consultations with guests to ensure they get the most out of their treatment.
  • Making sure the spa area is  clean and tidy & ensuring the room is always set up properly for guests and their requited treatments.
  • Sharing knowledge about the products used, and offering advice to guests on treatment after care.
  • Making people feel relaxed and de-stressed.


Profile of a James Dun’s House Spa Therapist: Ashleigh Malone