Profile of a Stylist

Stephany Lansdell has been part of our Aberdeen team since she joined us as an apprentice in 2003. Since then she completed her training and has been a stylist for 7 years. Steph is now one of our senior stylists, with guests waiting weeks to get an appointment with her. As well as being a busy stylist, Steph is also part of our training team, helping educate our up and coming stylists.

stephHere Steph talks about her job as a stylist at James Dun’s House.

How did you end up in your job?

I always wanted to be a hairdresser since i was a kid. Ever since i cut my Cindy doll’s hair into a bob. I also saw the salon and thought it looked like a pretty cool place to work.

What tips would you give to anyone who wants to be a stylist?

It’s a long road, you don’t just train to become a stylist overnight. You have to have passion and dedication to become a stylist, and most importantly you need creativity.

What are the best and worst parts of your job?

The best part of my job is making people look and feel fantastic, and the instant gratification you get from your guests makes you feel good. I love being in a creative job and working as a team. The worst parts are the long hours, and missing your lunch when you run behind!

What do you like best about being involved in the hair industry?

I love following fashion as well as the latest hair and beauty trends, and being creative by passing these trends onto your guests hair styling. I also enjoy the bond you build with your guests, and having a good laugh with my team.