Bold Eyebrows – the new beauty trend

Bold Eyebrows — the new beauty trend

Cara Delavingne’s luscious dark eyebrows have started a new beauty trend.

blow-4Her brows along with the fact that catwalks have been populated with over-sized brows too, have resulted in a large number of us trying to emulate the dark, bushy brow at home.

Big brows are hot right now, with the likes of Diane Kruger, Natalie Portman,Camilla Belle, the Olsen twins, Keira Knightley and Kate Middleton all wearing the look.

Our Spa Manager, Diane, gives us her ultimate guide to this season’s eyebrow.

“Statement brows have moved away from being thin and strongly defined.” says Diane ” A more naturally bold look is favoured now.”

“These days our brows play an important role in framing the face.It might take a lot of pluck to finally ditch the tweezers, but women are letting their eyebrows grow and going for more natural look. Bushy brows give the face more youthfulness.” she says.

Diane recommends getting your brows tinted to make them look fuller and thicker. ” It doesn’t take long and can last up to 3 weeks, and only costs £14. While waxing lays the foundation for the perfect shape.”

“But you can also create shape and colour at home with an eyebrow powder, dark brown eyeshadow or pencil. For best results build up colour gradually, following the natural arch of your brow. Use a slanted brush to draw short flicks with the powder, starting from the inner edge and working outwards.” advises Diane. “Follow Cara’s lead and pair your bold brows with statement red lips. But beware of using heavy eye make-up because too much colour can look scarily full on. Or using your finger blend illuminator under your brow bone.

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