Face Shapes – Hair to compliment every Face Shape

Face Shapes — Hair to compliment every Face Shape

Face Shapes and Hair Styles by James Dun’s House – Aberdeen & Glasgow

Whatever your face shape, there is a hair style to suit you. Whether your face is round, oval, square or long, there is a hair style to flatter and compliment your facial features perfectly.


Long Face Shape

If you have a long shape face, then the key is to add width and volume to your hair style to ensure your face looks in proportion. Waves and curls with lots of body and volume will also widen your face, making it look less long and thin. Fringes are also great when it comes to using hair to disguise facial features such as a large forehead, as a blunt cut fringe can reduce the length of a longer face. Kate Beckinsale shows off this look effortlessly.

In terms of up styles for long face shapes, slicked back styles that are low and wide will shorten as well as widen your face. Fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker shows off this up do style that adds additional width to her face.

Round Face Shape

Up styles with lots of height will elongate a rounder face and a wavy fringe as worn by Adele, will also soften the look dramatically too. Graduated bobs are also a great hair cut for rounder faces as they make the face appear narrower and slimmer. Kelly Clarkson shows off how this stunning bob can work on rounder shaped faces.

Oval Face Shape

You’re lucky if you have an oval shaped face, as this is the most versatile face shape and it gives you a lot to play with. Layers are excellent for accentuating cheekbones and chins, which can be incredibly flattering. Jennifer Aniston’s hair is endlessly sought after and here she shows off a long, naturally wavy hairstyle that is perfect for an oval face shape face. 

Shorter styles that are cut short at the back and sides can also give definition to an oval face. Rihanna wears a short style with a heavy set fringe that not only softens what could potentially be a harsh short hair cut, but also gives fantastic definition to her stunning cheekbones.

Square Face Shapes

Long hair that is styled in a way that makes hair look sleeker and thinner, will make a square shaped face look longer. Centre partings and an abundance of layers are also good for flattering square shaped faces. Gwenyth Paltrow shows how this long hair style can compliment a face that is square in shape. When it comes to short hair styles, short and wavy bobs, as worn by Keira Knightly, also flatter this  a square shaped face. Bobs cut to this length can look extremely complimentary against a square jaw and longer chin.