Hot Wax offer

Hot Wax offer

Hot Wax Treatments to leave your skin silky smooth.

low res summerAt James Dun’s House we offer a range of hair removal treatments, all of which are performed by highly trained therapists, who will ensure your experience is as quick and comfortable as possible.

Wherever you might have unwanted hair, we can take care of it, using the most appropriate method, leaving you with silky smooth skin that will remain hair-free for weeks.

Our hot wax treatments – including Brazilian and Hollywood waxes – are all performed using  the highest quality wax. Waxing is kind to the skin as it removes the hair efficiently from the root. This also means that the hair grows back much softer and finer, than it would with shaving or depilatory creams.



  • Please note that it is recommended you avoid hot baths, sunbeds and saunas for 24 hours following any waxing  treatment.