Top tips for bold brows from our spa team

Top tips for bold brows from our spa team
  1. Patience is key

    If you’re growing them in… patience is key. Step away from the tweezers for at least 6 weeks to help fill in your shape

  2. Shape & shade

    For a natural, but defined look choose a shading power rather than a pencil, cream or gel formula.

  3. Use oil

    To encourage growth exfoliate gently with a dry facial brush and massage the area with Aveda’s tulasāra™ radiant oleation oil.

  4. To define add tint

    If you only wax your brows, why not try a tint? Tinting defines your shape and makes more of a feature of your brows

  5. Avoid synthetic products after a wax

    Following a brow wax we only use mineral powder to hide redness. Never use synthetic products and avoid strong sunlight / sunbeds for 24 hours after a brow wax.