Men’s Hair Trends Spring/Summer 2015

Men’s Hair Trends Spring/Summer 2015

Men’s hair trends for 2015 are timeless, dynamic, and amazingly versatile  We’ve put together the latest top looks in men’s hair for you here.

Sophisticated sportiness and laid-back elegance are the core elements of men’s hairstyle trends for 2015.

A Beard Make the Man

Three-day stubble has never fallen out of fashion, but the trend for facial hair has been cranked up a notch: a masculine full beard or fine moustache pay tribute to the man of 2015. An elegant gelled style offers a total contrast to this, creating a particularly striking overall impression. Jake Gyllenhaal sports a sophisticated beard.

Side Parting

A side parting gives men just as much of a modern attitude as it did in the 1960s. The style can be worn matte, creating a distinctly retro, cool effect. A classic glossy look, on the other hand, supplies plenty of that appealing upper-crust charm.

Get the look: The best styling tool for this particular shape is a comb. Put the gel in your hair and comb into a precise side parting. Hold the style in place with hairspray. Justin Timberlake’s slicked back, side part is such a classic look.


In reaction to the every hair in place slick trend, loose, messy styles are growing popularity. They can be worn with same side part or undercut you’re already wearing, just let the finished product have some texture and wildness. This works for every hair type and is a good way to add volume to fine or thin hair.

Long Hair

While longer hair isn’t for everyone, wearing hair long is becoming more common. The man bun has a lot to do with this, replacing the questionable ponytails of the past. Long hair doesn’t have to be really long, and of course won’t be when you first start growing it out. Anything chin length and longer is cool.

Be sure to keep going for trims, though you won’t need them as frequently as with short hair. Unkempt hair looks lazy and unintentional compared to groomed and cared for long hair. Harry Styles and his famous long locks.

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