Meet the Team…Nikki

Meet the Team…Nikki

Name: Nikki

Job: Spa Therapist

Nikki has been at James Dun’s House Glasgow for 10 years and has over 25 years in the beauty industry. 

She is excited to work with a brand like Aveda – using cruelty free products – the treatments and products worked effectively together to give clients great results in spa and at home.

Nikki is an expert with Aveda – with Aveda advanced training in facials & massage (these are her favourite services to offer guests!) and also has passion for reflexology.

Nikki’s favourite Aveda product – is Tulasara calming concentrate. It is amazing for sensitive skin. You can instantly see the result with this product, that’s why it’s one of Nikki’s favourites.  Algae extract help’s reduce redness & irritation and it’s packed with over 100,000 raspberry stem cells to help restore clam to the skin.  Apply after cleanser, a.m & p.m under your moisturiser.

She also loves Botanical Kinects liquid exfoliate – it is a gentle, but effective treatment for removing dead/dull skin cells to reveal a brighter you, every day! Apply to dry cotton wool, wipe over face and neck area, suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive.