Meet the team… Neil!

Meet the team… Neil!

Name: Neil

Job: Stylist

How long have you worked for James Dun’s House?: 10 years

What is your favourite service to offer guests / what are you best at?: I get asked this quite often by my guests and I don’t think I have a particular favourite. I do enjoy doing short pixie cuts.

Is there a service you think all James Dun’s House guests should try?: Facials – I love them and the products are ace! Also, the botanical connect hair treatments are great too.

What is your favourite Aveda product & why?: I like to recommend products for the individual’s hair needs – I’d rather show people what’s best for them and not just the products I like.

What is your dream holiday destination?: I’ve done two of my dream destinations already! The first was the West Coast of America and the second Thailand. Next on my list New Zealand!

What are your leisure interests?: Travelling and being with friends.

Tell us something interesting about you: I’m in a drumming band! I’ve done this for 15 years!