Meet the team…Hoberta!

Meet the team…Hoberta!

Name: Hoberta

Job: Spa Therapist

How long have you worked for James Dun’s House? I’m new! I’ve had a fantastic two months so far!

What is your favourite service to offer guests / what are you best at?: My favourite service to offer guests are manicures & pedicures. I’m also good eyebrow shape + tint services.

Is there a service you think all JDH guests should try?: Facials! They are relaxing and help to improve your mood. Good skin reflects in good feelings!

What is your favourite Aveda product & why?: Aveda beautifying scrub, we use this during manicures and pedicures, it leaves skin feeling soft and the smell is gorgeous! I also love the beautifying oil because you can see the hydrating results in your skin immediately.

What is your dream holiday destination?: Australia and Iceland!

What is your favourite fashion item / sport / leisure activity / hobbies / main interest?: I love shoes and bags!  I also love yoga – I try to do this every day.

Tell us something about you: I’m a very happy person and see life positively every day! I’m Brazilian/Spanish and love being a mum.