Meet the team…Bogdan

Meet the team…Bogdan

Name: Bogdan 

Job: Hairstylist

How long have you worked for James Dun’s House?: 2.5 years

What is your favourite service to offer guests?: Cutting hair (and my charm :P)

Is there a service you think all James Dun’s House guests should try?: Spa Massage

What is your favourite Aveda product & why?: Texture Tonic because it thickens and adds body, volume and texture.

What is your dream holiday destination?: Marrakesh

What is your favourite fashion item?: Wrist watches 

What are your interests and pass-times?: Hiking, snowboarding, paragliding and climbing. But my favourite is HAIRDRESSING!

Tell us something interesting about you: Transylvanian man born and bred! Coffee obsessed. I love driving in the snow and my first paragliding flight was when I was 16!