Brunette Hair Colours – Brilliant Brunettes

Brunette Hair Colours — Brilliant Brunettes

The beauty of brown hair? It is amazingly versatile. A great earthy brown base, can be darkened into a rich dark chocolate brown or lightened up to a warm golden light brown.

The best shades of brown right now are natural – kicked up a notch. It’s about enhancing what you have, not extremes. Most of the celebrities shown for inspiration, are within 2 shades of their natural colour, whether its lighter or darker.

See what brunettes dazzle the most in our definitive list.

Dark Chocolate Brown


Delicious dark chocolate locks are hot right now, if you love the idea of a dark mane then dark shades of chocolate and caramel are favoured. Dark hair looks super sleek and shiny, as Lana Del Ray demonstrates beautifully with her gorgeous dark chocolate hue, so deep it borders on black.

This shade may be hard for many to pull off. So if you fancy going dark, book in for a complimentary colour consultation, and let our expert stylists help you pick the right brunette for you. Anne Hathaway rocks her cropped haircut with a rich, solid dark brown colour, while Katie Holmes’ rich chocolate hue looks fantastic with her long waves.





Chestnut Brown

Red-Ladies--Hair-Colour-GWAnyone can sport this brunette hair colour. Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley & Eva Mendes have all fallen in love with the Chestnut shade. Chestnut brown warms up your complexion, while the auburn and caramel hues add dimension, making the hair look richer and more vibrant.

With all these celebrities sporting the chestnut shade, it is definitely one of the hottest hair hues of the season.






Golden Brown

REDKEN-wavy-prom-hairGolden brown is the favourite among many brown shades because it looks so natural and alluring. The softness of the golden tones and warmth add a feminine touch to light brown hair. This timeless colour will never go out of fashion. Kate, Alexa & Jessica’s loose cascading curls, enhance their gorgeous golden brown locks- this is definitely the best way to show off your sunny golden brown hue.

This is a great shade choice when transitioning from blonde to brunette.






Getting great shine on your brunette hair

The best thing about brunette hair is the mirror shine you can achieve. Our expert stylist, Gillian Bennett shares her secrets.

  • To get maximum shine, wash and condition hair, then blast it with a cold water rinse, for about 3 seconds. This helps seal in the conditioner, making it easier to style and adds tons of shine.
  • Finish off your style by misting your brush with Aveda Purefume Brilliant Shine spray for great daily shine.
  • Invest in a quality deep conditioning treatment (Damage Remedy Treatment), and use it once a week.