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  1. Hello,
    I would really like to book a back massage however I have eczema and am allergic to aloe vera, biological washing powders and conditioners, and aerosol sprays. Please can you confirm if you use aerosols in your spa and also if you know what washing powder is used for your linen?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Katherine how are you? We do not use aerosols in our spa, and none of our products contain aloe vera. The washing powder we use is Surf Liquid tropical lily and ylang ylang. If you have your own massage oil that you would like to take in, that would be fine to do. Hope this helps, if you need any more help please let me know.

  2. Hi,
    I was wondering if this salon offers balayage colouring and the price for this please?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Shannon how are you? Could you come in for a colour consultation? Then we could give you a clear price. Many Thanks

      1. Dear management,

        I wasn’t too happy with experience I had today at JDH salon, Aberdeen brunch.

        I booked appointments for colour and cut.
        While I was waiting for colour to be washed off, Anna approached me telling me that it appeared that she’s got another client with thick hair and it would take longer time to cut. So was given option either wait for 45 minutes or have a cut with somebody of lower level.

        I wasn’t keen on waiting 45 min with wet hair and wet towel on in cold room, I was cold. I agreed for another stylist to cut my hair. I didn’t want another stylist really. I was checking late cancelation deal and His name had slots available on late cancelation deal for cheaper price for the whole week. So I wasn’t happy with changes, I prefered for a stylist of higher level to cut my hair. The choice was to sit around for 45 min with wet hair in cold room or just compromise.

        I wasn’t happy with either customer service or quality or my haircut today.

        The stylist trimmed literally 3-5 millimeters off and it took him literally 5 minutes to cut it. The rest of the time he spent cutting my fringe.

        I don’t feel I had hair cut.
        I had fringe cut.
        Didn’t have enjoyable experience this time at JDH.

        Kind regards,


        1. Hi Zata, I am so sorry to hear you did not enjoy your experience with us. I have passed your email onto our front desk manager, who will be in contact shortly. Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback, hopefully we can make it right for you. Thanks

  3. Had a great treatment (90 minute facial) bliss! My face felt great afterwards even without makeup!. Nikki was super and rest of the staff very friendly and professional and I loved that there was no pressure to buy products. I am an Aveda fan anyway but would definitely travel through to Glasgow again to James Dunn House. Thanks.

  4. Dear Sir/ Madam
    Good afternoon
    Can you kindly book an appointment for me at the 10th of June ,2015
    I am attending my graduation ceremony at the same day at 12:00 pm
    So if it is possible for me to get an early appointment , otherwise , kindly shift my appointment to the previous day
    My hair is quite damaged and curly so I don’t actually know what is proper for me , I will have keratin treatment at my home country before I come
    I am thinking about trimming, blow dry , and some makeup
    Do I need to come to your saloon few days earlier to see my hair
    Thank you for reading my email

  5. Hi, I’d like to have a consultation on having an ombre colour on my naturally red hair. I’d be able to come in on Tuesdays or Thursdays after 5pm or at weekends.
    Lynsey Wallace

  6. I had been given a £40 voucher but didn’t realise it had a 6 month expiry. This date has passed but was wondering if I could still use?

  7. I was wondering if you still do updo’s and if you do what I would book the appointment under. Also, would it be best if I brought in a picture of the kind of hairstyle I would want?



    1. Hi Alexandra how are you? Yes we still do hair ups, it would be booked as a Special Occasion Hair. Yes bring in a picture. Thanks

  8. I noticed there were only last minute deals for Glasgow and wondered if there will be any for the Aberdeen salon?


    1. Hi Ruth, our Last Minute Deals are based on what availability we have in salon, unfortunately the Aberdeen salon is busier than our Glasgow salon, so we have less Late Deals available. Hope this helps. Thanks

    1. Hi Fiona how are you? I am sorry to hear you were not happy with your last experience with us. You can call the salon on 01224 648480 and ask to speak to one of the partners, or you can email Sheona Forrest(one of the salon partners) [email protected] Many Thanks

  9. Hello Aveda,
    I wish to send a gift voucher to my niece for relaxing spa treatments on her birthday 30th April 2015.
    Anne Torrance
    1 Eastsyde Place‎ Portlethen Aberdeen‎ AB124TW
    I live in Western Australia
    Regards Audrey

  10. Hi,
    On the 27th of June this year I am getting married and so looking for a hairdresser appointment for me and my bridesmaids (2). We would need to be taking care of in the morning of the 27th…from 8.30-9am!
    Would you have any availability in your Aberdeen salon? We’ll probably be keen to do our nails at the same time if possible.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Charlotte how are you? If you could call the salon and speak to Sara our wedding co-ordinator, she will be able to help you. The number is 01224 648480. Thanks

  11. Hi there
    I was hoping to book an appointment at the salon this week for a colour and cut but I notice that you require a patch test 48 hrs before.
    As I do not live in Glasgow, this would not be feasible. I have been having my hair coloured for years and was wondering is this an absolute or do you have disclaimers.
    Could you let me know asap so that I can make an appt.
    Many thanks. Fiona Turley

    1. Hi Fiona how are you? You could get your patch test done on the day of you hair colour appointment, if you could come in 30 mins prior to your appointment When are you looking to book in for a colour and cut? Thanks

  12. Hi,
    I wanted to book a special occasion hair-up through online but there’s no such an option. Do I just book it as “finish”?

    1. Hi, you will need to call to book this appointment, as a Finish appointment will not give you enough time for a hair up. Thanks

  13. Hello,

    Just wondering if you still offer your style menu service.
    I have tried to access it online and it is not available and there is no option to book online.



    1. Hi Kate how are you? Yes we still do our Style Menu, you just can’t book it online, you will need to call and book an appointment. Thanks

  14. Hi there i am a fully qualified hairdresser who specialises in colouring hair & kertain complex (brazillian blowdry) i was wondering if you were looking for anyone to do this in your salon ? I would supply all the stuff .
    My contact number is 07841539280 .
    Thankyou .

  15. Hi, I am looking to go platinum blonde and was wondering if you could give an approximate cost for medium length hair. Also note my hair is originally black.


    1. Hi Ann how are you? If you are interested in a major colour change, you would need to come in for a complimentary colour consultation, so we can assess how long an appointment you will need – only then could we give you an approx. price for the colour. Is it the Aberdeen or Glasgow salon you are looking to book in with?

      1. Hi, thank you for your response. I’d been looking to book an appointment in Aberdeen. Would you have a spot available this Saturday (2nd May) after 1.30 pm? Thanks again.

  16. I saw an amazing colour transformation on the instagram page of brown hair dyed blushed copper and I really love the colour! I was wondering whether the dye is permanent and if you could get it in semi permanent aswell?

    Thank You!

    1. Hi Brooke how are you?
      The best thing to do would be to get booked in for a complimentary colour consultation, I could book this for you?

  17. Hi was wondering if I can buy a gift voucher for spa treatments over the phone and pay by debit card and would you send out to my home address. Thanks Susan

  18. Hello,

    I am fairly far along in the male pattern baldness game but have yet to shave my head completely and I have always tried to keep what hairs left on top.

    I think nows the time to get a bit more drastic with my hair cut but I’m unsure what style (if any) I can pull off. Would I be able to book or come in for a consultation?


    1. Hi Martin how are you? Which salon are you looking to book in for? What day and time suits you best for your consultation? Thanks

  19. hi there,
    I’m getting married next year and was hoping you could give me some more information on how much you would be for wedding hair for myself, 3 bridesmaids and mother of the groom and how far in advance I’d need to book and arrange trials?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Rachael how are you? Which salon are you looking at, as we have dedicated Wedding Co-ordinators in each salon, who will be able to talk you through our packages. I can get someone to call or email you?

      1. Hi Anna
        It would be for the aberdeen store. If possible emailing would be better as I can’t answer my phone at work.

      1. Thankyou! What exactly does the £65 one cover? If she is a first timer to JDH will the 20% off offer apply?

  20. Hi,

    I have an appointment at the Aberdeen location on the 4th of June but I’m not entirely sure what I want to get. Should I book a consultation before then? It’s also my first time going to JDH and I signed up for the 20% first time visit voucher but I haven’t received the email yet.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Jazmin how are you? Is it just a cut and finish you are booked in for? If so then it will be fine to discuss some ideas at your appointment, I would recommend cutting out some pictures of any styles etc you like. If it’s a colour you are booked in for then I would recommend coming in for a consultation, just so we can make sure we have enough time booked for the colour.
      I am sorry to hear that you did not receive your new guest voucher, have you checked your junk mail? If not then I will add it to your file.

      1. Hi Anna,

        Thank you for responding. Yes, it’s just a cut and finish. So just bring in some pictures? Okay, will do. I just checked my email and no voucher anywhere, sorry.

        Thanks again,


    1. Hi Sarah, you do not need to book in for a patch test, but would need to book in for a consultation. When would you like to come in for this, and which salon?

  21. hello, I am thinking of getting my hair dyed a silver colour. I am just wondering if this would be possible to do in one session as I have medium brown hair. Also could you give me a estimate price that it would be? Thank you.

    1. Hi Rheagan how are you? This would be an advanced colour appointment that would take longer. You will need to come in for a hair colour consultation prior to your appointment so we can see you hair and then assess how long an appointment you will need, then we will be able to give you a cost indication. Would you like to book in for this consultation? Which salon are you looking to book in with – Aberdeen or Glasgow. Thanks

  22. Hi there, I have curly hair and have had so many bad hairdresser experiences I’m terrified!
    Do you cater for curly hair (keeping it curly) and have hairdressers experienced for this hair type?

    1. Hi Sharon, thanks for your enquiry. Which salon are you looking to book in with? The best thing would be to come in for a hair consultation, to speak to one of our stylists. I could get this booked in for you, there is no charge for this. Thanks

  23. Can you pass on a big thank you to Colin for giving me a great cut and colour yesterday in the Glasgow Salon, he guided and advices me through the process and I loved the end result. (Which is unusual for me as I’m very fussy)….I will be back! (Even though I live down the South of England).
    I also have to mention the customer service throughout from all your team was fantastic.
    (I’m a customer service trainer).

    1. Hi Angie oh thanks so much for your lovely comment, I have passed this onto Colin and our Glasgow team. We are so happy that you enjoyed your JDH experience, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

  24. Hi,

    I already left a question but I dont think it worked, so apologies if you get this twice.

    I was looking to get a new colour and style, Am i best to come in for a consultation before hand? Also how much does it cost for the consultation?


    1. Hi, which salon are you looking to book in with? The best thing would be for you to come in for a complimentary colour consultation so we can look at your hair, and plan how we can get the desired colour you are looking for. When are you free to come in? Thanks

  25. Hi,

    I have never been to a Salon before, I always get the hairdresser to come to my home, but I would like to dye my hair for the first time but I want it done properly and every time I tried non permanent hair dye my hair would reject the dye, so do I just book an appointment or do you need to see my hair before deciding?

    1. Hi, which salon are you looking to book in with? The best thing would be for you to come in for a complimentary colour consultation so we can look at your hair, and plan how we can get the desired colour you are looking for. When are you free to come in? Thanks

  26. Hi there, looking into booking a spa experience for my mum – interested in the £30 intro to spa but the link doesn’t appear to be working. Just wondering what it involves?

    1. Hi Maddy, the Intro to spa is any 1 hour treatment of your choice, the only stipulation is that your mum is a new guest to our spa. Thanks

  27. Hi I am enquiring about a haircut, I have unruly curly hair and lots if it, a few years ago I got a beautiful , manageable classic bob, and this was achieved with joewell supreme volume control thinning scissors snt40, I would be delighted to be able to have this accomplished in my hair again as I miss it so much, I have tried hundreds of salons to try and achieve this cut but none of them use these specialised scissors which are amazing , can you tell me please help me, do you have these scissors available . fingers crossed x thanks

    1. Hi, which salon are you looking to book in with? The best thing would be for you to come in for a complimentary consultation so you can sit down and discuss with one of our stylists. I would recommend booking in with one of our senior stylists. Would you like me to book you in for your consultation? Thanks

  28. Hi!

    I made the mistake of using henna on my hair back in April and now I want to change the colour, but I know with henna it is tricky. Do you have any experience with this? Would you be able to do something over henna hair?

    Thank you!


    1. Hi, which salon are you looking to book in with? The best thing would be for you to come in for a complimentary colour consultation so we can look at your hair, and plan how we can get the desired colour you are looking for. When are you free to come in? Thanks

  29. Hi,

    I have an issue with my hair, I used henna on it twice in April and now I want to change the colour. I was wondering if you could do something with it? I wanted to dye on too with my natural colour (brown) and put blonde highlights, will this be possible?

    Thank you

    1. Hi, which salon are you looking to book in with? The best thing would be for you to come in for a complimentary colour consultation so we can look at your hair, and plan how we can get the desired colour you are looking for. When are you free to come in? Thanks

  30. Hi there,

    I was looking for an “organic” salon for quite some time now, and I found you guys!
    I’ve been dying my hair for nearly 10 years, both in salons and by myself but the last time I dyed it, I got a bit of a burning sensation on my scalp, flaking etc.. The doctors gave me antihistamines and told me it was a reaction to the new brand I tried, since I never had a problem with hair dyes. (first time in my life and last..). I was wondering if I can come to your Glasgow salon for a patch test and then book an appointment for a haircut and permanent colour.. I am looking forward to try these organic dyes, it’s supposed to be a lot healthier than what I was doing until now!

    Please let me know your thoughts,

    1. Hi, yes ofcourse you can come in for a patch test, there is no need to book, just pop in when suits you and our front desk team will help you. You could also ask if a stylist was free to have a quick chat to you. Anything else I can help you with let men know. Thanks.

  31. Hey I would like to dye my hair for blond as soon as possible . I’ve got highlights on my natural dark blonde hair but I want to have just one blonde colour . Please let me know when I can book appointment ?
    Kinds regards

    1. Hi, the best thing to do would be to come in for a complimentary hair consultation, which salon would you like to book with? Thanks

  32. Hi,

    I have had a manicure at the salon before, not sure if this would be classed as a visit to the Spa? I would like to take advantage of the £30 offer but not sure if I qualify?

    Best Wishes

    1. Hi Kathryn how are you? If you have had a manicure then unfortunately this means you have had a treatment from one of our spa therapists so you would not be able to use the £30 intro to spa offer, as this is for new guests. Which salon are you looking to book in with, as we often run great offers. Thanks

  33. I have recently finished Chemotherapy 6 weeks ago and would like to have my greying hair coloured. My hair had thinned due to the chemo and I know I can’t have permanent colours but I wondered if you would be able to do anything for me with a dye which will be safe in my circumstances but something which will cover the grey? I would use the Glasgow salon

    1. Hi Isabelle, the best thing to do would be to come into the salon for a colour consultation, so one of our stylists can see your hair and talk through your options. When would you be free to come in for this? Thanks

    1. Hi Stephen, we have a new guest offer where your wife can enjoy any 1 hour spa treatment for only £30. Which salon are you looking to book in with – Aberdeen or Glasgow? Thanks

  34. Are any of your stylists available to come out of the salon to do bridal hair? I am getting married next year at Fasque House in Fettercairn on 19th March.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Kenzey, we are hoping to have it open before Christmas. Are you wanting to book an appointment or apply for a barbers job?

      1. My boyfriend is looking for a good barber in Aberdeen, so I’d be looking to book an appointment for him! Will the barbershop be within the existing salon on Schoolhill?

  35. Hi. I wondered if I can just make an appointment to have my nails done? I would also like to find out more about the brazilian blowdry.

    1. Hi Shirley, which salon are you looking to book in with our Aberdeen or Glasgow? Also is it a shellac manicure you would like? Thanks

  36. Hello,
    Just booked a colour consultation for my sister, who hasn’t had her hair coloured at the salon before. Will this slot include time for a patch test?
    Many thanks,

  37. I would like to book x3 60 minute hot stone massages to be done at the same time on 31/12/15 for myself & my daughters. Could you please let me know if this is possible & if so how much that would cost.

    Thanks for your help

  38. Hello,
    I was wondering how much it would be to get a trim and dip dye colour? My hair is brown and would like the dye to be a pastle pink, would I have to come in twice for this or just once?
    Thank you.

  39. Hi there,

    I was looking to book a colour consultation for balayage highlights at your Aberdeen Salon. I am available weekdays after 5 and weekends. thanks!


  40. hi
    i am in my 40’s of asian origin with black hair.I have been colouring for 10 years nowto cover my greys and have decided to give up as can’t keep up with the roots showing sooner and sooner.
    I want to know if you can take off al the colour from my hair so its one colour-GREY.
    Appreciate a response.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately we could not take all your colour out. There is no such thing that will remove the colour to leave your natural grey. Some low lights might help to blend your colour, so there is not such an obvious line of dark and grey hair while you grow it out. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi, we have the full shellac colour range, it takes 45 minutes for the treatment, and can last up to 14 days. Would you like to book an appointment?


      1. Hi Anna,

        If it lasts 14 days does that mean I have to get them done every 2 weeks or could I wait? Does it come off easy or do I have to come in to get it removed?


  41. Hi there,

    I was wondering how much an updo would be on long hair please? And also if the 20% off voucher would apply for this? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Erin our special occasion hair begins at £36-£67 depending on the level of stylist, We have our Style menu – express hair up service which is only 30 mins and £25. Would you like to book an appointment? Thanks

  42. Dear James Dunn
    I purchased 70 pounds worth of vouchers last week as a gift online.
    I have received no conformation email yet so wanted to confirm you received the order and if so what address the vouchers are being posted to?

  43. Hi
    Can you tell me if you do colour correction? I have been using the same blonde dye for years and feel I need a whole new look. I would like to be brunette or whatever shade of brown/red suits my skin which is quite sallow and tans easily. I would welcome your comments/advice.

    Thank you

    1. Hi jean, yes we do but you would need to come in for a colour consultation so we could see your hair and then plan how long an appointment you would need. Would you like me to book you in for your complimentary colour consultation? Thanks

  44. Hi
    I am wanting to book an appointment and would like to know the difference between a Cut & finish and a Cut & Blow-dry

    1. Hi, they are the same – all our hair appointments are 45 minutes long and begin with a consultation. An assistant will then give you a stress relieving shoulder massage before shampooing your hair. During the haircut you will also be given a hand massage. The stylists will finish off by blow drying and styling your hair. Would you like to book an appointment? Thanks

  45. I got a haircut there yesterday and it is both not what I asked for and completely unflattering. Every time I look in the mirror, I want to cry. Cheers for that.

    1. Sorry to hear you are not happy, which salon did you visit? We can arrange for you to come in and get a redo so we can fix it. Thanks

  46. Could you please book me in with Amy in Aberdeen for cut blow dry at 9 on mon 7th Dec also
    With Lynn for usual massage at 13.00 on Tuesday 8th Dec

    Regards Christine Wilson

    1. Hi Christine, Amy could do 9.15 would that be any good? I have booked it for you. Unfortunately Lynne is not working on Tuesday 8th, is there any other day you could manage? Thanks

  47. Hi,
    I’ve recently purchased a nail gift voucher for a friend worth £35. If she wanted to change this for a 30min massage (which costs the same), would this be possible? I’ve found out that she’s not that keen on getting shellac nails so it was a bad choice on my behalf!
    Many thanks

  48. Hi, I have had hi-lighted hair for years now with bleach and feel as if its ruining my hair. Could I get hi-lights with aveda colour? Would this be kinder to my hair?


    1. Hi Sharon, yes the Aveda colour would be kinder to your hair as its a more natural product. The best thing would be for you to come in and speak to one of our stylists, who will be able to help you more. Would you like me to book you in for a complimentary colour consultation?

  49. Hi I was wondering if you guys styled hair for events? I have a ball soon and wanted to get it styled up somehow.

    If so could you email me some examples of what you guys do and what the estimated price would be?

    Thank you

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