New Autumn 2014 Aveda Hair Collection

New Autumn 2014 Aveda Hair Collection

ROMANTIC GRANDEUR – Autumn 2014 Collection.

Every collection has a story, but this one in particular emerged image by image into what feels like a picture book to me. This collection has hyper-natural hair colours, strong hair cuts with feathery, fine edges and the make-up takes on a romantic, vintage quality, with shades that deepen like dusk.  Step into the dream. Antoinette Beenders – Aveda Global Creative Director

TATIANAThis modern bob can be styled sleek and classic or worn dishevelled depending on the look you are after.


ALICE – This classic, round layer cut looks magnificent paired with an autumnal auburn brown.


ISABELLE – This pixie hair style can be worn sleek or wavy. The flecks of gold highlights gives this style a whimsical, lived-in look. 


SOPHIE – This vibrant red is the perfect colour for Autumn.


EMMA – Long locks receive a modern revision with a gorgeous wash of pink.